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Welcome to the John Hartson Foundation

“As a professional footballer, I had it all: the fame that earning 51 caps for Wales brought me and the enviable lifestyle that scoring over 100 goals in the green and white of Celtic afforded me. I also had the warning signs of testicular cancer – and I ignored them.

“I want people to know that everything I went through, everything I put my loved ones through, could have been avoided had I known more about the disease. Particularly, the importance of catching it early.

“It’s why I set up the John Hartson Foundation, why I’ve given talks on the subject, why I’ve shared my experience on radio and TV, released a DVD, even written a book ‘Please don’t go’. I’m trying to do everything I possibly can to raise awareness of testicular cancer.

“I’m also working hard to raise money to support others affected by cancer whether it’s a peaceful place to go for treatment or help with practical difficulties that cancer can bring. Because I know first hand the immeasurable difference that support can make.

“So please, grab life by the balls – literally, in terms of checking yourself regularly and getting anything unusual checked out by your GP, but also by joining in the Foundation’s fundraising efforts to help others living with cancer.”