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No one knows your own body better than you do and by getting into the habit of checking your testicles regularly you’ll soon get to know what feels normal for you, making it more likely that you’ll spot anything unusual at an early stage.

It only takes a few minutes to check your testicles and doctors recommend you do it at least once a month, ideally during or after a shower or bath when the skin will be warm and relaxed.


How to check your testicles

NHS Choices advises taking the pouch of skin containing the testicles (or scrotum, to give it its Sunday name) in the palm of your hands then using your fingers and thumb gently press on and around each testicle.

It’s normal for testicles to feel smooth and firm to the touch. It’s also normal for testicles to differ in size slightly or for one to hang lower than the other. So you’re looking for lumps or bumps, anything out of the ordinary or any unusual differences between the two.

If you do find anything unusual remember that most lumps are caused by other conditions unrelated to cancer, but always get it checked out by your GP to make absolutely sure.